Case Study

Case Study Mt. Plymouth IGA

Nakul, the owner of Mt Plymouth IGA, came to us to help plan and remodel his 5,500 sq ft Grocery Store expanding it to 9,000 sq ft. while keeping the store open & operating. This was a major expansion requiring changes to the electrical, A/C system, lighting, Refrigeration, and plumbing. It was a challenge working with the Architect, Engineer, and General Contractor but 5 Star was up for the task. It was started and took about 7 months to complete. Our Sales Department provided energy efficient Hillphoenix Refrigeration Equipment, (Cases, Walk-In Coolers, Evaporator Coils, Para Temp Rack System and Condenser).  Our Installation Dept worked night and day and stayed on schedule to a successful Grand Opening. This remodel has become a success story for the owner and his family offering the neighborhood a first class grocery shopping experience…



Mt Plymouth IGA