Employment Opportunities at Your Florida Commercial HVAC Service

There’s nothing that can completely turn your life around more than a new job. For better or worse, most people spend about half of their waking life at their jobs. A dead end job can make you feel like you have a dead end life, just as a promising job can get you excited about life. Here at your local Florida commercial HVAC service, we believe in giving people a chance and providing the best work atmosphere possible. We have a few slots open for new employees, and we encourage anyone who’s interested to apply.

You might be wondering what it’s actually like to work for Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., your local Florida commercial HVAC service. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of qualities you can expect to find if you apply and are hired as one of our employees. Read on to find out if our business is a good fit for you.

  • Local: As a locally owned and operated small business, Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. is known for our connection to the community and our strong values and integrity. Being local also allows us to hire more local workers and contribute more to the local Florida communities in which we operate.
  • Family owned and operated: In addition to being a local company, we are also a family owned and operated one. That means that we strive to deliver quality work to each customer, and also that we prefer to hire people who will be with us for the long term. As a family owned and operated company, we also recognize that family has to come first. If that sounds like the perfect working environment for you, we hope you’ll apply to come work with us.
  • Lots of business: We serve all of Florida and Southern Georgia, which means that, even though we’re a local company, we’re able to give you a lot of work. You won’t be bored at work, and you’ll always have new challenges awaiting you.
  • Learn on the job: Although we do require our job candidates to have a certain level of training before we hire them, we’re big believers in also letting our team of workers learn on the job. The breadth and variety of the jobs you’ll get to work on with us will give you a depth of experience that will serve you well throughout your entire career.
  • Honest pay for honest work: You probably won’t get filthy rich working for a Florida commercial HVAC business. But when you work for Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., you will be able to rely on a steady paycheck to support you and your family. You’ll also be doing useful work that you can be proud of, and learning or perfecting a skill that you can use for years to come. We hope you’ll consider applying to work with Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., and we look forward to looking over your application!