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Welcome From Mike Aussendorf, Special Projects & Energy Management Systems Manager

Transforming Energy Challenges into Competitive Advantage

In today’s tough economic environment, our energy and cost management capabilities deliver a range of benefits that help our customers reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage. Among those benefits:

  • Dramatic reduction in energy consumption and associated energy costs (a benefit that compounds as energy prices continue to rise)
  • Increased ability to meet anticipated energy consumption and emissions regulations, while achieving corporate objectives for lessening environmental impact
  • Rapid payback energy management solutions that improve our customers’ competitive position and also generate positive public recognition for corporate citizenship from industry associations, government agencies and company customers.

In short, 5-Star Refrigeration is able to help its customers shoulder the burdens of energy costs and environmental pressures by taking a customized and comprehensive approach to achieving optimal energy management. To learn more about the energy management benefits we can deliver to your company, please contact us: EnergyManagement@5-StarRefrigeration.Com

Save from 25% to 60% on your energy consumption with store upgrades to:

ECM Fan Motors

By converting to ECM fan motors you can save up to 67% compared to PSC fan motors

LED Lighting

Convert to efficient LED lighting in your store and reach in cooler door lighting

Energy Management Controllers

Significantly saves you energy by controlling your lighting, refrigeration defrosts & air conditioning and heating

Glass Door Retrofit

Add glass reach in cooler doors to your existing open medium temp cases for significant energy savings!

Micro Channel Condenser Coils

Utilizing the latest technology in Micro Channel design saves you up to 40% on your refrigerant charge along with variable speed fan motors will promote your green stewardship by saving you money and make you more environmentally sound.

By closing your display cases and adding LED lights, you can cut energy costs as much as 65% — giving your cases a fresh look while extending the shelf life of products.

We can customize our doors to your existing cases – so we’re able to give you a perfect fit no matter what the brand or size you have in your stores. In this process, we often raise the canopy – increasing the door opening by several inches and visible merchandising space compared to the competition. All Anthony swing doors, slide lids and LED lights are the highest quality in the industry and known around the world for dependability.

What’s more, we install after hours so there are no interruptions to bother customers or employees. And, we do the work quickly – so you can start saving immediately.

Because there are no more chills, you’ll also make walking the aisles a lot more comfortable for customers. Research shows that more comfortable shoppers buy more products.


Close up your dairy, beverage and multi–deck cases and start enjoying the savings and a more comfortable store! You’ll also be able to tout your stores’ new “green” approach to refrigeration and attract this growing consumer segment. > Download Brochure


Florida Incentives/Policies for Renewables & Efficiency

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