How to When You Need Commercial Freezer Repair in Florida Before It’s Too Late

Anyone involved in commercial food preparation or sales knows that one of the most important pieces of equipment at their disposal is a walk-in freezer. Keeping food cool is essential, not only to store the product and keep it from going bad, but also to keep consumers who purchase the product healthy. Unfortunately, problems can arise with any type of commercial equipment, and that includes walk-in freezers. Knowing the most common problems with commercial freezers can help you identify when you might need commercial freezer repair in Florida so that you can stay on top of your equipment maintenance:

  • Leaks: A very common issue with walk-in freezers has to do with the deterioration of the door seam. As the seam gets looser and loses its grip on your door, it is easier for warm air to slip inside your freezer. When this happens, the temperature change creates condensation, which can leave you with leaks on your floors, and even mold growth. Usually, this issue can be addressed by repairing the seams with a high-quality, mold-resistant caulk.
  • Inability to close the door: In most commercial freezers, the door has closing mechanisms like springs, or even a hydraulic cylinder. These mechanisms can wear out over time as a result of frequent or ongoing use and, as time goes by, they become less effective at sealing the door closed. Repairing your door’s closing mechanism can prevent inadequate cooling in your freezer and it can also make your freezer more efficient at retaining cool air, saving you money on your monthly energy bill.
  • Faulty heater strip: The heater strip in your walk-in freezer prevents your door from freezing shut, so it’s important that it remains intact. You should check your heater strip on occasion. If it doesn’t feel warm to the touch, you probably need service to get it working again.
  • Malfunctioning evaporator: Evaporators are the units that are responsible for cooling the air by removing heat. Some issues that can affect the function of your evaporator include excessive dirt buildup, a low level of refrigerant or frosty and frozen coils. These issues reduce airflow and cause your evaporator to work harder just to keep up.
  • Overflowing drain pan: If your drain line gets clogged, it can cause the drip pan to overflow. Thankfully, this issue is usually pretty easy to resolve simply by clearing your drip line.

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