What Is the Process for Commercial Refrigeration Controls Certification?

In order to work on your commercial refrigeration equipment effectively, technicians require specialized training. You know this has been accomplished through certifications, of which there are plenty in the HVAC field. One of these areas includes the refrigeration controls certification. This subject matter covers the education needed to repair the parts of a refrigerator or freezer that regulate temperature. Here is an overview of this certification and how it is earned.

Expertise covered

Commercial refrigerators and freezers rely heavily on their control systems. Many sources explain that this is where the cooling or freezing happens, since neither device will work unless it can control temperature. Thermostats, defrost control and head pressure control all fall within this system. Since these parts have more use and pressure on them than any other system in a commercial refrigeration unit, they tend to result in the most repair calls, too.

Depending on the model of refrigerator or freezer, controls may be pneumatic, electromechanical or electronic. Training covers all types, and also delves into the computer technology used in the most modern equipment for commercial refrigeration in Florida. Less advanced forms of refrigeration controls are still studied, since commercial freezers and refrigerators frequently have a long lifespan and still remain in need of repair. The courses will remain comprehensive for all these types until regulations or new technology renders systems obsolete.

The courses start with the fundamentals of the control systems and later explore the different types. Participants are often graded on just a pass or fail system as they demonstrate their knowledge on the subject. Once they’ve earned the certification, technicians may advertise it in order to inform their customers of their training background.

Earning the certification

There is no set time when a technician must receive this certification. Technicians can pursue it in the beginning of HVAC repair training or as a continuing education course later. It is often earned early in a technician’s career because of its importance. Once earned, the certification requires updating through continuing education as technology advances.

Classes are available through community colleges and vocational schools. Many programs use remote learning, which makes the certification easier for those who already work full-time jobs. Participating in the training increases opportunities in two ways. First, it expands the types of jobs a technician can perform, and second, it can also open the doors to more advanced training that allows for additional upward career mobility.

What does it mean for customers?

If your freezer or refrigerator has thermostat or other temperature control issues, you want the job finished right the first time around. Refrigeration malfunctions can threaten the viability of your business, and hiring a certified technician assures you that you called on the right expertise.

When it is time for your refrigerator or freezer to undergo service, you want good training and expertise to go into those repairs. For assistance that meets standards in education and quality, contact 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. for your needs related to commercial refrigeration in Florida.